Kids Dance Classes

Unlike some traditional dance schools in Hong Kong, our kids’ dance classes provide a fun, loving and safe environment for children to learn dancing techniques joyfully and fall in love with dancing. We teach in an interesting and innovative way, by using different imagery to help the children remember the movement and understand what we are asking for. From the “lollipop” 5th position arms, to the long “French fry” tendu legs. Our dance classes include ballet, jazz and K-pop. We base our class plans on themes that the children can connect with. Every term we change our theme to what is current for all of our under age 5 classes. 

Ballet with Mommy (18 months - 2.5 years old)

(Accompanied class with 1 adult)
Spend quality time with your little dancer! Dance is a great activity for parent-child bonding! It allows for creative interaction, collaborative learning and gives children a sense of security and confidence to participate. We specialize in early childhood ballet learning and offer mums with 18 months to 2.5 years old toddlers to learn the beautiful art of ballet together. With sing-along songs, tiptoes, arm positions and much more, we enable toddlers kinaesthetic senses which will be essential later on in life. Mommies may need to help their ballerinas move at the beginning but as the weeks go by, you will be amazed at how quickly these little ballerinas’ movement and muscle memory develops.
This class also prepares kids for the next level up (Ballet 2-3 years) where ballerinas will partake in class all by themselves.

Kids Ballet (Age 2+)

Growing from toddlers to children, they are confident to dance independently and with peers. With step-by-step instructions and friendly support with classical music, kids feel more comfortable trying out new things. Our kids' ballet class aims to create a safe environment for them to learn without the fear of getting wrong. We hold open class at the end of each term where children get to perform in front of their parents. Students also have the opportunity to take ballet exams in the Royal Academy of Dance annual examinations (RAD exams) from May to June each year in Hong Kong.

Jazz (Age 3+)

Jazz is well known for its funky music. It increases both their strength and flexibility where children can explore and be creative with their movement. Our kids' jazz is perfect for them to explore and develop their own dance style. Your child may become the creator of the next moonwalk! They will also have the opportunity to enter Jazzaddict Australasia annual examinations. Students that study the Jazz Addict syllabus will be preparing for examinations from May to July each year in Hong Kong.

Special Needs Complimentary Workshops (Age 3 - 10 years)

(Accompanied class with 1 adult)
We believe anyone can dance and there are no limitations in who can dance. Here to support every child along their dance journey, our class plans are built to create a safe and warm atmosphere for all of the children to feel comfortable to dance in. It also allows children to interact and socialize within a safe and positive learning environment. They will build a greater level of confidence and self-esteem, as they reach new heights and receive encouragement from both teachers and parents!

We offer complimentary classes because we want to give them more opportunities to enjoy the art of dance. Dance is also an effective means of improving muscle strength, motor skills, coordination, and creativity!

K-Pop (Age 5+)

K-Pop, also known as Korean pop, has become a global trend including Hong Kong due to its distinctive choreography and addictive melodies. Our Kids’ K-pop class includes girls groups’ sweet and sassy moves and boy bands’ sharp and edgy dances. You will learn your favorite trend-setting routines and enjoy an hour of nonstopping Korean vibing.