Our Philosophy

Twinkle Dance Company was founded in 2007 by company director Twinkle Lam. Dance classes are offered to students from the age of 18 months to adults. Our teachers are richly educated and experienced in many areas of dance.

Here at Twinkle Dance we care very much about early childhood learning. We believe that in the earlier years of life, your experiences will build and mould the character and personality you are discovering. So it is important what children experience in different environments, from one-to-one situations to group settings. We believe that dancing will not only develop a child’s physical skills but also social skills, confidence and focus.

Our dance class is a perfect way to introduce children to others in a safe and fun environment. From the age of two, children are learning the “social contract” to put down “me” and consider others around them. A dance class is a perfect atmosphere to interact with other children, to learn how to dance together, to practice patience when waiting in line and to consider someone else’s feelings and personal space. We strongly encourage this in our classes, we believe this is very important as our children will face social situations everyday.

Confidence building is also another aspect that Twinkle Dance are passionate about. To let a child know that it is OK to get back up and try again when they fall down. We always follow each achievement with praise, leading to those who were once shy becoming confident dancers.

We also believe that focus is important for any child’s learning development. Here at Twinkle Dance we design class plans which practise a child’s focus through memorizing choreography to exercises that require a child’s full attention.

Twinkle Dance is not like any other traditional ballet school, we care for each child’s feelings, and use teaching methods that are suited for all types of children. We want to teach them the techniques of dance in a fun and innovative way. Our aim is for the children to enjoy dancing and discover how to express themselves through dance.

All of our teachers here at Twinkle Dance have a strong dance background with professional training qualifications. Not only are they all passionate about young children, they have also been specially selected and trained to be gentle and caring towards children.