Dance Showcase

Turn down the houselights, because it’s showtime! Ready for another year of performance, Twinkle Dance would like to invite our students to perform at our Dance Showcase!

There is so much growth, learning and fun to be had from this unforgettable performance experience. Our teachers choreograph creatively vibrant dance routines for our students to learn in class, and then showcase on stage! Every year our students look stunning in the spotlight, as they each wear specially designed costumes, and put on make-up with sleek and chic hair! Providing the full performance experience, our students not only perform on stage in front of friends and families, but they also get to take part in all the backstage excitement and watch rehearsals in the audience under the supervision of our fantastic team of teachers and staff. This performance opportunity is not to be missed, as it will create dance memories that will last a lifetime!


Application for Twinkle Dance Showcase 2022 has been closed. If you are looking for performance opportunities, stay tuned for our updates!

Shimmy and shake away those cold winter shivers with our upcoming dance showcase! Twinkle Dance Company would like to invite our students to perform in our Twinkle Dance Showcase 2022 – Queen of Ice!

Beyond this year’s magical and wintery showcase theme, Twinkle Dance Showcase 2022 – Queen of Ice sends a greater message, bringing awareness on the effects of global warming. Follow the Ice Queen, Princess of Courage and The Snowman as they respond to Mother Nature’s call to embark on a quest to protect the earth! As powerful as she may be, the Ice Queen cannot save the world alone. Along her journey, she meets furry and friendly arctic animals who teach her about the effects of climate change and show us the beauty of sustainability and eco-friendly gem badges! Dancing with a higher purpose, this production is sure to be a showstopper! 

Our dance showcase is not just any ordinary dance recital. We turn up the volume to create an unforgettable experience of performance, dance, and theatre production for our students! Making sure our students have a blast, our dance showcase gives students the opportunity to perform on a theatre stage, learn the ins and outs of the theatre , and of course showcase their dance moves in front of their friends and family!

Specially Designed Costume

Each child who applies will receive a lot more than just a performance. For the show they will get a specially designed costume by Tutulamb as a souvenir from being part of the showcase. We know how much they love to dress up and trust me every year our children adore their costumes from brightly coloured tutus to sparkling glitter headpieces.

Specially Designed Costume

Professional Studio Photoshoot

They will also get to take part in a professional photoshoot at our Twinkle Dance studios. This is where we can capture their best dance moves in their fantastic costumes. A perfect way to capture their little dancing moments.

Professional Stage Experience

All of these are just small events which lead up to the big one, the show! Dressing in your own custom-made costumes, wearing stage-ready hair and make-up, watching others perform whilst waiting backstage, finally dancing with friends onstage with mommy, daddy and families’ cheers and applause. All these enchanting moments will write an unforgettable episode in your children’s childhood.

Show Video & Photobook

Show Video & Photobook

In the end we also give you the video of the entire show! The Show Photobook is optional, you can order them as you wish but don’t forget there is an early bird discount for it so do check that out! The Show Photobook displays more than 300 backstage and stage photos taken by professional photographers during the performance.

Performance Certificate

Last but not the least, you will receive a certificate as the recognition of you being a part of this wonderful show!

Performance Certificate