Dance Showcase FAQs

Performance Details

  • Which show will my kid perform in?  I am not available on one particular performance date, can I request a specific show day? 

The exact performance date of your child will be announced in February 2024. In the meantime, please reserve all days (April 27th, April 28th & May 1st 2024). The performance date will be assigned by Twinkle Dance and cannot be changed. Due to a large number of performers participating in the Showcase, we cannot guarantee any special requests could be accommodated.


  • Both of my kids are enrolled in the show, can they perform in the same show? 

Performers who have enrolled in the show with siblings are not guaranteed to be able to perform in the same show. Performance date will be scheduled according to the dance pieces assigned by Twinkle Dance. It is extremely difficult for us to assign all pairs of siblings to perform in the same show as it involves all of our different locations and classes. However, for performers scheduled to perform in a different show from their siblings, TWO free tickets will be granted per family. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated. 


  • What character/dance piece will my kid be performing in?

One of the most unique features of Twinkle Dance Dance Showcase is the creativity of the performance’s storyline. Most of the Ballet dance pieces will portray the elegance of the characters or elements while Jazz and K-Pop will infuse creativity to the plot. The variety of the dance style will portray characters that are unexpected and add a splash of surprise to our showcase. The character for each class will be assigned by Twinkle Dance, with different factors taken into considerations such as class numbers, age group and dance choreography level. All characters will definitely receive a costume exclusively designed by Tutulamb!


Rehearsals Classes

  • When will my kid start to rehearse the dance? Do we have to sign up for extra rehearsal classes?

Performers will rehearse the dance piece during their regular classes starting from January 2024. No additional class enrollment is required. Teachers will allocate about 15 minutes during regular class time to rehearse the dance piece. It will also be a great experience for students who did not enroll into the showcase to learn a 3-minute dance routine and perform it in front of their parents during open class!


  • If my kid will be absent for some classes during the January-February term and March-April term, is he/she still eligible to perform in the show?

To ensure students are well prepared for the dance, students are required to maintain 80% attendance. If students cannot fulfil the attendance requirement, our teachers will review students’ learning progress and have the right to withdraw students from the show. We strongly encourage students to attend all classes to have better practices. If your child misses a few classes during the term, you may apply for at most two make-up classes within the same term. Students shall attend make-up classes under the same dance piece that they are learning. 


  • Can my kid switch to another class during January-February term and March-April term?

We are afraid that this cannot be arranged. Performers enrolled in the Dance Showcase must stay in the same class during January-February term and March-April term. All classes will be assigned with a different dance piece/character in the show. Switching classes will affect the costume production, choreography, rehearsal practices and performance logistics. But if there are any special cases that need to switch classes from January to April 2024, an administration fee of $500 will be charged. Such requests are subject to availability and costume production progress. An additional $980 costume fee might apply if students require to change class under different dance piece/character. Twinkle Dance reserves the right to make the final decisions.


On-Stage Rehearsal 

  • Why is the on-stage rehearsal compulsory? 

The on-stage rehearsal is required for all performers, as this is the only chance for all performers to rehearse the dance under our teachers’ guidance in a proper dance theatre. The theatre set up is dramatically different from the dance studio, for example: spacing, music volume and lighting. It is a time for performers to get themselves familiarised with the grand set up before they hit the stage for the actual performance. 


Show Day and During the show

  • How long does my kid have to stay at the theatre during the show/on the show day? 

On the show day, performers will usually arrive at the theatre in the morning to attend the final on-stage rehearsal that lasts for about one hour. After a lunch break, performers will return to the theatre and do final preparations before the show kicks off.  They will then stay at the backstage until the show ends, which lasts for approximately 2 – 3 hours.


  • Can I pick up my kid during the intermission?

All performers must stay until the end of the show. No pick up during intermission is allowed before the show ends, as they will present a grand finale at the very last bit of the show!


  • Who will look after my kid at the backstage?  What will they do?  

All Twinkle Dance teachers and staff will take good care of the performers in the backstage area. Each year, we have around 50 helpers just to look after our little ones. They will be watching movies, story telling, playing games etc.


  • What if my kid cries when he/she enters the theatre for rehearsal/performance? Can I go in together with him/her?

All parents and/or guardians are not allowed to enter the backstage area during the rehearsal and performance. We ask for the help from parents and guardians to comfort your child before he/she enters the theatre. Rest assured that he/she will be accompanied by Twinkle Dance teachers/staff during the entire time after he/she enters the theatre.


  • My kid has special medical conditions, can I or my helper enter the backstage to take care of him/her?

All parents and/or guardians are not allowed to enter the backstage under any circumstances. For performers who have special medical conditions, for example: diabetes, food allergy etc, please indicate on the application form. You may contact us in advance for any special arrangements or notes for your child. 


Costumes, hair and makeup

  • How do you know my kid’s size for the costume?

If your child has enrolled in November-December term regular class(es), our teachers and staff will assist to obtain your child’s full measurements in class in Central, Causeway Bay and Kowloon Tong studios. However, if your child did not enroll into the November-December term or if your child takes classes at other of Twinkle Dance’s venues, please visit any of our Central/Causeway Bay/ Kowloon Tong studios with your child in-person to do the costume measurement at your earliest convenience. Our studios are more than happy to assist before your application submission. 


  • When will my kid receive the specially designed costume? 

Costume fitting and collection will be arranged on the studio photoshoot day. Performers who do not wish to participate in the studio photoshoot are required to collect and try on the costume(s) at Twinkle Dance back office (Wong Chuk Hang). If performers wish to collect it at our studios, it will be arranged after the photoshoot day. In case the costume does not fit, a complimentary alteration service will only be provided within the collection period (to be announced).


  • Will teachers help my kid to do their stage hair & make-up on the show day?

All performers will have to arrive in costume and with full hair and make-up completed on the show day. Teachers will not help with their makeup due to hygienic reasons. However, our teachers will demonstrate to parents on how to style your child’s hair during the complimentary studio photoshoot. 



  • What is the performance video that is included in the Application Fee?

The performance video is a full-length video of the show in which your kid performed! The performance video will be distributed in soft copy via email.


  • What is the Stage performance group photo?

Twinkle Dance will hire professional photographers to capture the group performance moment for all performers. One group photo will be printed out with a frame to serve as a souvenir and memory of the show for all performers.


  • What is the complimentary studio photoshoot session? 

The complimentary professional photoshoot service is the opportunity for performers to try on their show costume(s) and pose for some professional dance photos before the performance! The session is complimentary but not compulsory. However, we strongly recommend all performers to take part as they will fit their costumes on that day. The photoshoot will be arranged on weekends or public holidays in March/April 2024, performers can reserve their time slot on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservation details will be announced in February 2024. Professional studio pictures taken in the photoshoot session are not included in the Application Fee. Photos will be on sale and for ordering in soft-copies on or after the show days.



  • Do I need to get tickets to watch the performance? Can Twinkle Dance reserve show tickets for me?

Yes, you will need to purchase tickets to watch the performance. The showcase tickets can be purchased at any URBTIX box offices in Hong Kong or online on a first-come- first-served basis. Tickets are not included in the Application Fee and Twinkle Dance will NOT be in charge of any tickets sales.  For performers who are scheduled to perform on a different show with their siblings, two free tickets will be granted per family. Details will be announced.


  • Does my baby need a ticket to enter the theatre?

Yes, all audiences including hand-held infants are required to watch the performance with a valid ticket.  


  • I want to get a seat closer to my kid to watch his/her dance, where my kid will stand on the stage? 

Performers will travel to different spots during the dance with considerations to the dance choreography. Rest assured that all performers will take turns and be in the front row during the dance.  Therefore they will not stand still on a specific spot on the stage. We must say all seats are with good visibility in the theatre! 


Refund Policy

  • Can I apply for a refund if my kid is not available on the assigned show day or if I would like to withdraw my kid from the showcase?

Application Fee paid under the Twinkle Dance Showcase 2024 are non-refundable under any circumstances. We regret that the settled fees cannot be refunded if you withdraw from the Dance Showcase due to personal reasons, including any medical conditions/ certificates. 


Health and Safety Guidelines

  • If I am refrained from entering the theatre by the theatre staff as I cannot meet the health and safety guidelines, can I request for a refund of the tickets? 

Twinkle Dance staff and/or theatre staff has the right to deny the admission of any audience who does not meet the health and safety guidelines. Tickets will not be refunded in these circumstances. 


  • If my kid was feeling unwell or cannot meet the health and safety guidelines on the performance day, can we request for a refund of application and tickets? 

If your child is not feeling well, for example having fever, and it causes him/she fails to meet the health and safety guidelines to enter the theatre on the performance day, Twinkle Dance has the right to withdraw your child from performing. Application Fee and tickets will not be refunded in these circumstances.