Kids K-pop Class

Also called Korean Pop, K-pop is a revolutionary dance style that’s taken the world by storm. You can now move your body like the famous singers on stage, such as BTS, TWICE and BLACKPINK. Classes have also sprung up in Hong Kong to teach these movements, which is where Twinkle Dance Company comes in.

So join us on a journey as we introduce K-pop dance classes in HK and the benefits you’ll receive from learning this fun style.


Teaching Children K-pop

The K-pop dance classes offered in Hong Kong are for children of 5 years and older.  It showcases the latest music in the genre, while the students will move to the tunes of the biggest bands. They’ll also learn about the newest fashion that accompanies the music and dance styles while becoming more flexible and fit.


There are no specific exams that students need to take. However, we’ll do our best to set up exhibitions and events, especially for them. We’re sure they and their parents would love to showcase everything they’ve learned. It will also help them build confidence for the future.


The Benefits Of K-pop Dancing

While most forms of dancing are for artistic expression, there are specific benefits of K-pop dance classes. Young students learn to coordinate movement to the rhythm, which also assists with self-discipline. It also builds self-confidence, especially when the moves are perfected.

With confidence comes a sense of satisfaction, making them feel more fulfilled in life. They’re also removed from sitting in front of screens all day, whether it’s television or their phones. It helps them increase their fitness while also promoting creativity and imagination. At the end of the day, it’s something they can be proud of.


Learn K-pop From The Best Dance Teachers In Hong Kong

With the world falling in love with K-pop dance classes, there’s no reason you or your children can’t learn the moves in HK. Our teachers are ready to show you how to dance like dynamite, expressing your emotions with physical movement. Contact us now to start your journey with the Twinkle Dance Company!