Kids Ballet Class

Dance has always been one of the top ways we express ourselves in an artistic form. Whether as an adorable baby wiggling its toes or as adults tapping their feet, we can feel music and rhythm fill our very souls. One of the most beautiful dance styles loved worldwide is ballet.

Finding the right ballet school in Hong Kong is essential to correctly learn the movements. Let’s show you what Twinkle Dance Company has to offer.

Ballet For Babies and Children

You don’t need to wait until your baby is 2 years old before you take him or her to a ballet school. We have ballet with mummy class that you as a parent can join with your precious child, from 18 months old until 2.5 years. It’s a creative way to bond with your child, and he/she’ll receive the stepping stones towards the older age groups.

If your child is older than 2 years, you can send them to the beginner classes. Twinkle Dance Company follows the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus for ballet schools. There are clearly defined instructions, while the classes are fun and entertaining for the little ones.


Play, Bond, Learn!

Learning at our ballet school will be fun and exciting for your little dancer!  Our instructors are specialists in early childhood ballet learning, and they are warm and encouraging hosts who knows how to bring out a smile. Get ready for an exciting session of sing-along songs, tiptoes, arm positions, and much more.

Parents are also encouraged to help their little ballerinas in the beginning, but as the weeks go by, you’ll be amazed at how quickly their kinaesthetic senses and fine motor skills develop, as they will soon be able to perform all the moves by themselves. At our ballet school, little ballerinas can make new friends and bond with their parents, develop an interest in music, dancing, and the performing arts, and more importantly, cultivate the confidence to freely express themselves.


Accredited Ballet Exams

Besides using accredited ballet school teachings from the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, we also have trained teachers who understand the curriculum extremely well. The academy may be based in the United Kingdom, but we hold the exams right here in Hong Kong for your convenience!

Participants will receive RAD certificates, while there are also class awards to aim for. The exams usually take place in Hong Kong in May or June every year, but the times are subject to any unforeseen changes.


Come Enjoy Exciting Ballet School Training In Hong Kong!

Our main aim is to offer a safe environment in which children and adults can learn ballet. The school provides an open class each term so that parents and family members can watch the little ones perform. So, if you’re ready to take a step into the fantastic work of ballet, feel free to contact us at any time.