Ballet with Mommy

Designed for toddlers, Ballet with Mommy adopts the concept of parent-child learning interactions. This fun-loving class is guided by professional dance teachers who have rich experience in early childhood education. Toddlers and parents will strengthen their bondings and emotional connections through dance-based activities. We also welcome daddies to join!

Play and Bond!

Parents are like cradles, always making their children feel secure. The participation of a parent is the source of the endless support and trust to help toddlers keep confident to make their first move. In a safe and enjoyable learning environment, our teachers incorporate specially selected props and music to lead toddlers to trust, to break out of their comfort zone and to explore dance movements while demonstrating parents on how to guide. Step by step, children will eventually open themselves to demonstrate their dance moves, to socialize with teachers, classmates and other participants. 


Play-based Learning

This play-based learning dance program provides sufficient support for toddlers to have balanced physical and mental developments. Toddlers’ physical coordination will be significantly improved after following the muscle training activities. They will also be trained to be open-minded as opportunities are constantly offered to them to discover. These will all add up to prepare themselves for their future learning abilities and social activities, such as continuing their dance journey.