Kids Jazz Class

Jazz is a great dance style for your kids to learn thanks to its creative intensity. Our Jazz classes take full advantage of this and allow kids in Hong Kong to develop physical strength, agility, and encourage them to be innovative and explore their own personal dance style. Twinkle Dance is dedicated to providing an exciting, encouraging, and safe environment for children to learn and fall in love with the art of dancing. We also specialize in using visualization to help children learn, memorize, and internalize different dance moves.

JazzAddict syllabus for children

The children are our future, which is why presenting jazz dance classes to them in Hong Kong is so essential. It helps increase their flexibility, strength and endurance, making them superstars on the dance floor. While there are some strict guidelines, it’s best to let them explore the movements with some creativity. In this way, they craft their own style.

The jazz classes in HK follow the JazzAddict Australasia Syllabus and are suitable for ages three and up. By following these instructions, children will be able to attend the annual exams.


Exams for jazz dance classes in HK

When it comes to the JazzAddict exams, you’ll need to apply to participate in the event. There’s a mock exam so that you can prepare and ensure you have the movements perfected. There are also specific rules, such as dress codes, age groups and attendance records.

Each age group has a different entry fee, while the exam only applies to students from 3 to 11 years old. You’ll need to attend at least two classes per week, and our expert teachers will prepare you to ensure you perform at the best of your abilities.

Learning how to match your physical movement to the music in an exciting way is easy with jazz dance classes in Hong Kong. You’ll find new ways to create new styles, and it will uplift your spirit even in the darkest of times. Contact us at any time to discuss fees and class schedules!