Twinkle Dance TV

As much as we wish we could teach our students in the studio, we’re embracing technology and are very excited to introduce our live stream dance classes on our new channel Twinkle Dance TV! That means that you can enjoy our fantastically fun and inspirational dance classes taught by our Twinkle Dance teachers right from your very own home. Chinese Verion

Kids Live Stream Classes

We’re zooming into action with our Kids Live Stream classes! Part of being a dancer means working around obstacles and trying new things! Move aside the furniture in your living room and let’s get dancing!

Adult Live Stream Classes

Showcase Choreography Tutorial Videos

Though the show can’t go on this year, that doesn’t mean that the dancing has to stop. Our teachers have choreographed amazing dance numbers inspired by our showcase theme of The Magic Lamp. Filmed just in time to teach our showcase students the dances step-by-step, our free Showcase Choreography tutorial videos are sure to get our students dancing to the music!