Kids Live Stream

To keep those dancing feet moving, Twinkle Dance live stream dance class is perfect for children who want to enjoy and learn the dance moves outside of our Twinkle Dance classrooms.  Our live stream dance class is available for children from 18 months to age 12.

Live Stream Dance Class Schedule

Our live stream dance class schedule provides a variety of time slots and we do update them from time-to-time to allow parents/ guardians to choose the best time for their child.  Class time are in Hong Kong Time. For the live stream dance class schedule, please click here.

Sign-up & Class Login

Step 1: Click here to view the live stream dance class schedule

Step 2: View available Kids Live Stream Class time by filtering the “All class types” button

Step 3: Select the class you wish to book by clicking “Book” button 

Step 4: For new user to our booking system, please create an account

Step 5: After you’ve created your account, click “Register as unpaid” ‘in the reservation page. You will be able to view your booking in your account, no confirmation email will be sent.

Step 6: You will receive an email with the Meeting Link to access the live stream class 10 mins prior to class time.

Step 7: Click the Meeting Link and enjoy the live class with Twinkle Dance

  • Class booking will cut-off 24 hours prior to the live stream class time. 
  • Please note that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, fee/ class credit will be deducted for any no show or cancellation less than 24 hours.

Fees & Payment

Payment details will be sent to your email when you booked in for the live stream class.  If no payment is received before the cut-off time, which is 24 hours prior to class time, your booking will be released and you will not receive a Meeting Link to access the live stream class 10 mins prior to class. Class fees settled/ arrangement confirmed for the live stream class are non-refundable, non-transferable nor credit.


Guidelines, Policies and Rules for the Live Stream Dance Class


A) Prior to Participating

  • Parent/ Guardian need to ensure the student have enough space to conduct the dance activities
  • Ballet with Mommy/ Age 2 class: parent/ guardian should be available to conduct the dance activities together with students
  • Age 3-5 and above class: parent/ guardian should be nearby while student conduct the dance activities
  • Student must be properly dressed with dance attire for class
  • Student should participate at their own risk
  • Student must ensure audio input and video input are switched on for the class
  • Please rename the Zoom profile to child’s name

B) Class Login & Duration

  • You will receive the live stream Meeting Link to access the session 10 minutes before the start of the class to the email as stated in the submitted form
  • Click on the Meeting Link to join the class
  • Once the teacher/ host is in the class, the class will proceed
  • Meeting Link is only for students being invited by Twinkle Dance and cannot be shared to others

C) Troubleshooting

  • Feel free to contact our Twinkle Dance Team directly for assistance on login matters, direct phone number is stated in the email
  • Teacher/ Twinkle Dance Team will not provide any technical support in relation to zoom
  • You will need to contact zoom directly for any technical support on troubleshooting
  • The class/ Meeting Link is strictly prohibited from being shared with others who are not invited by Twinkle Dance
  • Twinkle Dance age policy applies to live stream class
  • Same appropriate in-class behaviour is expected during these live stream classes
  • All bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Class fees settled/ arrangement confirmed for the live stream dance class are non-refundable, non-transferable nor credit
  • Class might be cancelled due to any non-controllable events, like bad weather, political, economical, etc. in Hong Kong and no make-up classes will be arranged
  • No make-up classes can be arrange for any missed live stream class
  • The class is an one-way communication by the teacher
  • Teacher will determine the pace of the class
  • No chatting will be engaged between students
  • Teacher will have the right to ask student to leave or end the live stream platform for any inappropriate behaviour or disturbance in the class
  • All teachers and students conducting the class will be able to see each other
  • No video recording, photography or sharing is allowed
  • To protect the interest of our participants and Twinkle Dance, Twinkle Dance may take legal action for any breach on the privacy
  • Students/ users must evaluate the risks when using Zoom application for the session, Twinkle Dance will not be responsible for any loss or liability associated with it



The above set out are subject to change without prior written notice from Twinkle Dance. We retain the right of final decisions and interpretation in all matters and disputes in relation to the classes and programs. We shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability resulting from participating in the class.