Disney Parade FAQs

Performance Details

  • What is the performance time?  

The performance time will be assigned by Hong Kong Disneyland and will be announced 2-4 weeks prior to the parade date. It will be either in the morning or afternoon.


Rehearsals Classes

  • What should my kid wear in the rehearsal classes?

There is no uniform or dancewear requirement for the rehearsal classes, please wear sportswear or casual wear which is convenient for dance movement. However, shoe requirement is applied. Performers have to wear WHITE running shoes in the rehearsal classes, the same as the performance, it is required by Hong Kong Disneyland for the safety of performers while dancing outdoors on the brick floor. The shoes should be in plain white, thick platform, any designs with colors are NOT allowed.

disney shoes                                                                           

  • If my kid is absent from some classes, is he/she still eligible to perform in the parade?

Performers must attend not less than 7 of the rehearsal classes in order to ensure the highest standards of the performance. If performers cannot fulfill the attendance requirement, our teachers will review students’ learning progress. Twinkle Dance has the right to withdraw students from the parade team if students cannot memorize and follow their dance steps. We strongly encourage students to attend all classes to have better practices.

  • Can I arrange make-up classes for my kid if he/she misses any classes?

In case of absence due to any emergency or sick reasons, please understand that no makeup class could be arranged and the rehearsal class fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Why is the final rehearsal class compulsory? 

The final rehearsal is required for all performers, performers must attend in fully dressed costumes. As this is the only chance for all performers to rehearse the dance with their costumes and try on the costume accessories. And it is the last time for the teacher to give comments to students before the performance.


Show Day and During the show

  • When is the assembly time and How long is the preparation time before going to backstage? 

The assembly time will be announced after the performance time is confirmed by Hong Kong Disneyland. Performers shall arrive in fully dressed costumes and make-up (if needed). Parents/guardians are responsible to look after their child during the preparation time and before they are escorted to backstage.

  • Where can I pick up my kid after the performance?

Students will go back to the backstage to pick up their personal belongings after the performance. You may pick up students outside of Animation Academy.

  • Who will look after my kid in the backstage area?  What will they do?  

All Twinkle Dance teachers and staff will take good care of the performers in the backstage area. They will have a final street rehearsal in the backstage area with the stage manager of Disney.

  • What if my kid cries when he/she enters the backstage area? Can I go in together with him/her?

All parents and/or guardians are not allowed to enter the backstage area. We ask for help from parents and guardians to comfort your child before he/she enters the backstage. Rest assured that he/she will be accompanied by Twinkle Dance teachers/staff the entire time after he/she enters the backstage.

  • My kid has special medical conditions, can I or my helper enter the backstage to take care of him/her?

All parents and/or guardians are not allowed to enter the backstage under any circumstances. For performers who have special medical conditions, for example: diabetes, food allergy etc, please indicate on the application form. You may contact us in advance for any special arrangements or notes for your child. 


Costumes, hair and make up

  • How do you know my kid’s size for the costume?

Performers are required to visit one of our studios for costume measurements.

  • When will my kid receive the specially designed-costume? 

Performers are required to visit his/her rehearsal class location for costume fitting and collection. The complimentary alteration service will only be provided within the collection period.

  • Will teachers help my kid to style their hair & do make-up on the performance day?

All performers will have to arrive with full hair and make up completed on the performance day. Teachers will not assist with their makeup due to hygienic reasons. But our teachers will slightly touch up their hair.



  • What is the Disney Performing Arts Package?

It includes Performer Park Ticket; Disney Performing Arts Passport; Disney Performing Arts Certificate. All parade performers (including Disney Magic Access Annual Pass holders) are required by Disney to purchase a Disney Performing Arts Package.



  • Do I need to get a Disney park admission ticket to watch the performance? Can Twinkle Dance reserve an admission ticket for me?

Parents and Friends must have a valid admission ticket or Disney Magic Access Annual Pass in order to enter the Park. Twinkle Dance will not purchase tickets for performers’ parents and friends.


Bad Weather Arrangement

  • Will the performance be rescheduled or canceled due to bad weather? Can I get any refund if the performance is rescheduled or canceled?

If T1,T3 and Amber rainstorm signals are hoisted, the performance is subject to cancellation by Disney and NO Disney Performing Arts Packages and Admission tickets can be refunded. If T8+, Red or Black rainstorm signals are hoisted before performers enter the park on performance day, the performance will be rescheduled within 9 months. However, if T8+, Red or Black rainstorm signals are hoisted after performers have entered the park on performance day, the parade will be canceled and NO Disney Performing Arts Packages and Admission tickets can be refunded. In the event where the Disney Parade cannot further proceed for whatsoever reason, Twinkle Dance will arrange the costume (valued $980) back to performers.


Refund Policy

  • Can I apply for a refund if my kid is not able to join the performance or if I would like to withdraw my kid from the performance?

Registration Fees paid under the Summer Disney Parade 2023 are non-refundable under any circumstances. We regret that the settled fees cannot be refunded if you withdraw from the parade team due to personal reasons. 


Health and Safety Guidelines

  • If my kid was feeling unwell or cannot meet the health and safety guidelines on the performance day, can we request for a refund of registration and tickets? 

If your child is not feeling well, for example having fever, and it causes him/she fails to meet the health and safety guidelines to perform on the performance day, Twinkle Dance and Hong Kong Disneyland have the right to withdraw your child from performing. Registration Fees and tickets will not be refunded in these circumstances.