Adult Contemporary Dance

Are you looking for Contemporary Dance classes for beginners? You have landed on the friendliest guide! The dance pieces and movements beautifully choreographed for our contemporary dance class are not just for the advanced. 

Twinkle Dance’s contemporary class begins with an active warm-up, which is designed to condition the body with the dance techniques and challenging choreography. The class focuses on improving spatial awareness, transference of weight, strength, proper body alignment, and mostly, the students will gain an understanding of the use of expression and dancing from the heart through contemporary dance.

Contemporary dance is a diverse mix of dance styles, including modern, jazz, and lyrical. It is multi-faceted as it explores the area of unorthodox movements, away from classical ballet. The movements comprise pushing artistic boundaries, creating complex imagery and shapes. 

It is never too abstract, as it is just a dance with freedom. If you have no idea what to start with, let us show you how! You will quickly flow a dance piece with those fluid moves. Once you are familiar with the movements, this class will also inspire you to bring out your own elegance with the techniques!