Adult Ballet

Imagine yourself stepping into a world of grace, beauty, and creativity. You can discover the magic of classical ballet and unleash your artistry in our Adult Ballet classes.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, with no dance experience, or an accomplished dancer, Twinkle Dance’s Adult Ballet classes will cater to your journey. The class begins with an active warm-up, followed by barre work that improves technique, to center work, and traveling combinations, giving a full ballet class experience. With the movements and steps you’ve learned, you’ll develop your own creativity and artistry as you progress as a dancer.

Complete Beginner

Adults With little or no prior dance experience can participate in this class. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet, the basic steps and positions for both your feet and arms. The class will also provide a full ballet experience, including a warm-up, barre work, center work, allegro, and traveling exercises. The dance combinations will be simple, direct, and broken down, allowing you to build strong foundational skills. This class is tailored for those who are entirely new to ballet and want to establish a solid understanding of its basic principles. As you progress, you will develop correct habits which provide a solid foundation for technique and alignment.

Level 1

This class is designed for adults with 1-2 years of ballet experience. Building on your foundational ballet knowledge, you will engage in longer combinations and more complex exercises that involve combining arm and foot movements. While the pace of the class will be quicker, our professional teachers will still ensure that the techniques behind each movement and step are explained thoroughly. Alongside technique, there will be a greater emphasis on developing artistry and musicality in your dance. Through a mix of barre, center, and longer combinations, you will further enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Level 2

Adults with 2-5 years of ballet experience are welcome to take this class. The focus here is on refining and expanding your ballet abilities. You will engage in more both barre work and centerer work, incorporating adagios, allegros, and pirouettes. More advanced and complex combinations will challenge you to integrate multiple steps and techniques in a single exercise, As you work through these intricate movements, your mind, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility will all be honed. Expect more traveling work compared to previous levels, adding an extra layer of complexity to your dance repertoire vocabulary.

Variation class

This class is a great fit for Level 1+ students who are looking to delve into the world of ballet variations. It will primarily focus on teaching famous variations from renowned ballets such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Giselle, and Don Quixote. The teachers will slightly adjust the choreography to match the abilities of the students while preserving the essence of the original dance. Participating in this class will allow you to experience the demands of dancing variations, which require a wide range of technical prowess and artistry. It’s an opportunity to refine your skills while embracing the challenges of performing iconic ballet pieces.