Cool off this summer with our Queen of Ice Camp! Inspired by the 5 elements of nature, our winter tale themed ballet camp will explore the magical wonders of movement and imagination. An adventure for all ages, gliding along crashing waves, skipping through lush forests, and spinning like a wild snowstorm, our little ones will be learning the fundamentals of ballet.


Here to save the day are our superhero dancers in this summer’s Fly, Flip and Flow Superheros Camp! Kids by day and crime stopping heroes by night, let’s show off our greatest power of all...the power of dance! Find that fighting spirit as we swoop into fiercely fun jazz dances inspired by some of our favourite superheroes! Using our arms to swing across the city, practicing our leaps and jumps as we fly in the sky, and rolling out of danger, we’re learning strong and powerful dance moves that are sure to stop any villain in their tracks!


Popping with sharp, dazzling and striking moves, our students ages 7+ will get to learn a hip hop dance
routine to some of the trendiest tunes in our K-Pop Camp! Getting a taste of the commercial dance industry, our students will learn choreography to popular songs. Roll out the red carpet as our dance stars bust out their moves!


Shine and shimmer on stage this summer! For the first time ever, Twinkle Dance is creating a theatre stage experience for our students as part of our summer program! The local dance media and news organisation, Hong Kong Dance Magazine will be hosting Dance Highlights 2020, a theatre showcase of Hong Kong’s diverse dance talents. Twinkle Dance has been invited to showcase our amazing dance students on stage! Our students will learn a dance routine over a two week dance intensive of 8 classes just in time to perform on the big stage. Complete with custom made costumes, our students will get the full theatre stage performance experience that will make it a memorable summer!


Make your dance dreams come true this summer with the Disneyland Parade Camp! Our ballet and jazz students ages 6+ can join this magical performance experience as they parade along Disneyland’s Main Street! Every Saturday, get excited for rehearsals, in which students will learn a choreography to their favourite song from Frozen, “Let It Go”! But it’s important that students are able to participate in at least 6 classes plus the final rehearsal to ensure that they shine like stars and perform their very best! Making sure our students look the part, they will get custom made Queen of Ice costumes made by Tutulamb! Mark the end of your summer by performing in the amazing Disneyland Parade, which will take place on Saturday, August 29, 2020.


“Movement Makes the World Go Round”
Grab your suitcase, and let’s step, spin and stamp away the pages on our passport as we explore the world right in our very own dance studio! Our regular summer classes will explore the theme of Around the World during the July-August term. As many of us won’t be travelling overseas for vacation, we’re gonna bring the world to you by exploring different cultural elements of countries from all around the globe through dance!


Suit up in your dancewear this summer, as we’re offering our adult students a “Summer Intensive Pass” that’ll get you moving to the beat! With plenty of dance and conditioning classes to choose from across our three locations, there’s no better way to shake and sweat your stress away. Double up on your dance training, and make this a summer of rejuvenation! The Adult Summer Intensive Pass is valid for 30 days, and can be used during July 2nd to August 31st.