Dance Showcase

Mirror, mirror on the wall, reveal this year’s showcase theme to one and all! Twinkle Dance Company would like to invite our students to perform in our Twinkle Dance Annual Showcase 2021, Snow White!


An unparalleled experience of performance, dance, and theatre, our annual showcase gives our students the opportunity to take the stage, explore the ins and outs of the theatre, and most importantly, have fun! Complete with stage-ready looks, our students get to dress up in their very own custom-designed dance costumes, with finishing touches of makeup and sleek hair! Friends and family get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, as our professional team of teachers and staff make sure our students have a safe and enjoyable performance experience both on stage and backstage! This year’s showcase is bound to be filled with inspiring and exciting moments that our students, friends and families can look forward to!


It’s been a while since many of us have been to the theatre, and just like many of you, we all miss the stage. Our team feels deeply sorry for the disappointment of having our showcase cancelled in April of this past year. Seeing as it was cancelled under these unforeseeable circumstances, we provided exceptions to allow for refunded showcase fees and we also rescheduled our photoshoots so that our students could still capture their favourite dance moves and moments. It goes without saying that we hope everything will run smoothly and be better this year!


There’s been a lot of reflecting going on, so it’s only suiting that we now present Twinkle Dance Annual Showcase 2021, Snow White! Bite into this classic fairytale as we explore the story of the beguiling princess Snow White and the evil Queen who is oh-so jealous of the young princess. Snow White sees past the Queen’s evil tricks and refuses to eat the poisonous apple. Only to find her friend Sleepy has fallen into a deep sleep which can only mean one thing…he ate the apple! Seeking an anecdote from the Magic Mirror, Snow White and her friends get portalled into a futuristic world filled with K-Pop idols, scientists, and the greater galaxy! Find out what she sees and where she goes on this thrilling backbend to the future adventure!


The dance community teaches us all about giving back, which is why it is important to us here at Twinkle Dance to do our part for the local community. We will be donating part of our annual showcase income to support Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong and help terminally and chronically ill children stay together with their families while undergoing treatments. Twinkle Dance is pleased to support this profound mission and vision. 

Custom Made Costume

Each child who applies will receive a lot more than just a performance. For the show they will get a custom made costume designed by Tutulamb which they can also keep after the show. We know how much they love to dress up and trust me every year our children adore their costumes from brightly coloured tutus to sparkling glittery head pieces.

Professional Studio Photoshoot

They will also get to take part in a professional photoshoot at our Twinkle Dance studios. This is where we can capture their best dance moves in their fantastic costumes. A perfect way to capture their little dancing moments.

Professional Stage Experience

All of these are just small events which lead up to the big one, the show! The place where your shining star gets to perform on a professional stage in front of all their loved ones. Each year our kids have so much fun and get a great confidence boost from their praising audience and proud parents.

Show Video & Photobook

In the end we also give you the video of the entire show! The Show Photobook is optional, you can order them during show application period to receive an early bird discount. It displays more than 300 backstage and stage photos taken by professional photographers during the performance.

Performance Certificate

Last but not the least, you will receive a certificate as the recognition of you being a part of this wonderful show!

Early bird gift

Be an early applicant, and get a Early-Bird Gift!