Join Our Step – Oct Term – Doll Up Now!

Jeté into a pink-hued magical world and venture into the realms of fantasy and reality during  our September – October term – Doll Up! Tip-toe along the beach, and follow the doll’s move in this enchanting world! The adventure won’t just stop here! You will take a ride into reality, where diverse roles and characters await your exploration. Can doll magic seamlessly blend with reality? 

Experience a vibrant world of our K-Pop classes. Groove to the captivating choreography of Fifty Fifty and New Jeans, unlocking your dreams. 

Embark on a journey through famous musicals with our enchanting and new Musical Theatre class collaborated with Creative Collab. Creating unforgettable moments together is a magical blend of action, songs, and dance. 

Join us for our September-October term and be a part of the excitement. 

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