Ballet and Jazz Examinations

Ballet Exams - Royal Academy of Dance

We provide Ballet exams from the Royal Academy of Dance, London, United Kingdom. Each ballerina is able to sign up and experience a fun examination and class award, an RAD certificate representing all the marvellous traits of ballet.

Jazz Exams - JazzAddict

We also provide Jazz exams from JazzAddict is renown for its solid technical training, dance education in Australasia, one of the best programs to set off your tiny dancers dreams to one day perform on that big stage in front of thousands.

Adult Ballet Examination - Royal Academy of Dance

Whether to shape up your path as a professional ballerina, or to mark a memorable event in your dance life, RAD exam and training will offer you an unparalleled learning experience.

Our training classes break down the syllabi into small easy-to-grasp pieces. From warm up, barre, centre, partner work to character dances and cool down, every student will receive step-to-step guidance by our experienced teachers. For new exam participants, the classes provide ample time for thorough syllabi understanding, training up technique, skills, and confidence etc.

The adults-only classes will prepare students sufficiently for Grade 6 - 8 exams. Suitable for level 1 or higher level students.

Twinkle Dance offers Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) and Jazz (JazzAddict) Exams and Class Award for your talented little ones. We all love achievements especially when we are given a certificate to remind us of our hard work . In Hong Kong schools thrive on extra curricular activities, so here at Twinkle Dance we have provided another reason why they should be begging your child to be in their school. We are a fully registered school to teach Royal Academy of Dance and JazzAddict, including teachers certified to teach this amazing program.