Professional K-pop Dance Class

Trending around the globe, K-pop has been infusing new energy into our lives with dynamic vibes. Fancy learning some electrifying K-pop dance steps? Join our K-pop dance class to find out the most energetic choreography with catchy music. It doesn’t matter how long you have been dancing, our experienced teachers will show you tricks and tips to dance yourself onto the beats! You will be able to nail a new dance piece every two months. 

Our K-pop dance class will practice different songs with you every two months. Check out the videos and see what it is like!

K-pop Dance Cover - Lalaisa

Follow along and learn some new stunning moves from our dance teachers as they perform to Lalisa by Blackpink’s Lisa in this striking video!

K-pop Dance Cover - Fancy

Our teacher is showcasing the latest Jan - Feb Term K-pop class, Fancy!

K-pop Dance Cover - Dance The Night Away

Our teacher is showcasing the latest May - Jun Term K-pop class, Dance The Night Away!