November Tutumazing: Tutulamb New Collection - "Waltz of the Flowers" ! Guess and Win the New Collection!

這個學年,為你的衣櫥增添新舞衣,灑上亮麗色彩吧!Tutulamb即將推出2020年全新舞蹈服裝系列,現在你只需參加我們的「猜猜新系列舞裙顏色」比賽,即有機會免費獲得新系列舞蹈服裝一套!首5名於我們的於我們的Facebook和另外首5名於我們的Instagram帖子答出正確顏色的參加者(共有10名得獎者),將免費獲贈全新「花之圓舞曲」系列亮麗舞蹈服裝一套 (價值︰$780),萬勿錯過!

1. 在我們的Facebook或Instagram「讚好」此圖片
2. 留言告訴我們「你所猜的舞裙顏色」
3. 首10個答出正確顏色的賬戶 (Facebook及Instagram各5名) 將會於12月2日收到「成功贏取獎品」確認訊息
4. 回覆我們的訊息,提供學生全名、聯絡電話、尺寸、所選的換領獎品日期和地點,以領取獎品

Terms and Conditions:

*Each participant with the correct answer is entitled to receive one Waltz of Flowers set only. 
*The prize is only eligible for first 5 correct answers in our Facebook and another 5 in our Instagram post (total 10 winners)
*All winners must reply to our direct message with the full name, contact number/email address, size, preferred pick up date and location in order to get the prize.
*All winners must come to one of Twinkle Dance Company studios to pick up their prize, no other arrangements will be made by Twinkle Dance Company 
*All winners must collect the Waltz of Flowers set from Twinkle Dance Studios (Wong Chuk Hang/Central/Causeway Bay), within Twinkle Dance Company opening hours.
*This offer is non-transferable, non-redeemable and non-refundable for any cash/credit. 
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and promotional offers.
*Any dispute connected in any way with this offer will be resolved by Tutulamb at its absolute discretion.