Theatre Adventure for Little Dancers

Are you looking for activities for your child to become more confident, overcome shyness and have fun? Our upcoming On-Stage Workshop might just be the answer to it! 

Unlike regular kids’ dance classes in a studio, this workshop has a  theater-setting stage where your little ones can spark their inner stars like a professional ballerina or K-pop star, with more than just one experience and skill to take back home. Get on this adventure ride to bring out the best of your children!

  • Boost Kids Confidence

Everyone has experienced getting butterflies in their stomach! The big stage for professional dancers could also get overwhelming, but we are here to practice and dance together with your little ones, and give them a little taste of how it feels like to be on stage. Through our On-Stage Workshop, we will help children get out of their shells and improve their self confidence

  • Exposure to New Environment 

Our On-Stage Workshop will take them on a whole different scale of adventure from their regular routine classes, from a medium size studio to a full house stage theater with spotlights; from dancing through facing mirror walls to facing an auditorium sitting across the stage. Students will learn valuable skills like improving and building their personal resilience through this exceptional experience. 

  • Live Support Audience 

This is your chance to show your little stars some live support. You can be part of their journey at our on-stage workshop by sitting across the house, and giving them constant encouragement when their little eyes meet yours. With your support in the auditorium, they will be able to deal with their fears in a safe and non-judgmental environment, and adapt to having a large audience watching their movements without being on pins and needles. 

  • Have Fun

Children may discover their hidden talents and interests they never knew they had. While Ballet is known for its high level of movement of the human body and dance artistry, K-Pop is known to be the mixture of Hip-hop and Jazz dance artistry in today’s rising trend in pop culture. At this ballet on-stage workshop, it will follow the Rapunzel storyline. Students will be doing warm-ups and learning a short repertoire on stage. While for our K-pop on-stage workshop, students will be learning a dance combination from popular K-pop bands.

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