That’s a Wrap! Easter Workshop Photos

Wrapping up this Easter with some hippity-hoppity fun, our students learned so much during our Easter Dance Enrichment Workshops! All things idol, our K-Pop Workshop had students learning choreography to their favourite hits, while styling their dance looks in true K fashion. Looking tutu cute, our students dabbled into costume design, pairing their outfits with their favourite classical ballet moves in our Make Your Own Tutu Workshop! Keeping it quiet and quaint, our Mimes in Ballet and Theatre Terminology Workshop taught students all about the mastery of mime, and the different gestures and vocabulary used in ballet.

Check out our photos to see all the memorable moments from our
Easter Dance Enrichment Workshops

Bringing you more fun, fascinating, and fantastic Dance Enrichment Workshops, stay tuned to see what we’ve got in store for our monthly Enrichment Workshops!

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