Rise and Shine Dancers! New Term with Sleeping Beauty Theme is coming!

Sleeping Beauty Banner

As we awaken to the music and moves of the NEW September-October Term theme, Sleeping Beauty! On this magical adventure, we’ll curtsey and bow like royalty upon visiting the kingdom in celebration of the Princess’ birth. Uncover the mystical spells and wicked moves of Maleficent as she puts a curse on the young princess. Learn the light and fluttering movements of the 3 fairy godmothers who raise Princess Aurora (aka Rose). Prance, galop, soar, and bounce along with Rose’s new forest friends; the deers, birds, and rabbits! Dance like the Prince who bravely lunges, dives and marches against the evil Maleficent to save his princess. Waltz across the ballroom floor to share in the celebration of the Prince and Princess’ victory! This jam-packed adventure is sure to be filled with lots of fun, so don’t miss out on our September-October Term!


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