Our Ballet class will enable adults to gain a good understanding of classical ballet, and also develop elements of grace, strength, and flexibly. The class has an emphasis on enjoyment.

Complete Beginner: suitable for those with no ballet experience.
Level 1: suitable for those with 1-2 years of ballet experience.
Level 2: suitable for those with 2-5 years of ballet experience.
Level 3: suitable for those with 5 years or more, of ballet experience.

Contemporary Dance

Our Contemporary classes are suitable with those with no experience or very little dance background. It is a beautiful dance form known to express our inner emotions. It derives from all types of dance styles such as lyrical, jazz, modern and classical ballet. Our teachers aim to introduce to you the beautiful fluidity and modernity of Contemporary Dance, through the use of elevations, floor work, travelling and all types of movement which require you to use muscles you never knew existed before! Not only is it an artistic unique style of dance it is also a great way to express our inner emotions. Its versatility allows it to be a form where we can push our boundaries and reach new innovative ideas of what dance is and who can dance. It aims to work alongside our natural alignments of our bodies. Contemporary Dance is often appealing to those who seek dance that differs from the rigid structure of ballet or the urban roughage of hip hop, making it safe and accessible for everyone and beginners.

Barre Sculpt

Barre Sculpt is a ballet pilates workout class designed by ballet dancers. It is a 1 hour full body workout which aims to burn fat, strengthen, sculpt and tone muscles, the end result will be a toned slim body like a ballet dancer. We will also incorporate light weights, resistant bands and barre balls in our exercises, which will all be provided in class. Anyone can join this class, even complete beginners who have no dance experience at all. It is a fitness base class, so there is no need to bring your ballet shoes.

Introduction to Pointe

Our 'Introduction to Pointe' class is suitable for experienced ballet dancers, who have never done pointe before. Though it may be painful at first, and it will take time to build up strength, it will most definitely be worth it. You will end up looking as graceful as the prima ballerinas. All of our level 2 and 3 students who have stronger dance technique can join, as it requires strong muscles to hold your whole body weight and prevent injuries.

Ballet Barre and Stretch

'Barre and Stretch' is a class suitable for students in all levels. Half of the lesson will be stretching's exercises, which aims to increase flexibility through out the body. Designed for dance students, these stretching's will target specific areas and muscle groups that are used in dancing ballet, such as hips, legs, feet, back etc.
The other half of the lesson will be the regular classical ballet barre, at general level, where students can practise their technique and feel the greater range of motion and ease from improved flexibility.

Adult Ballet Examination - Royal Academy of Dance

Whether to shape up your path as a professional ballerina, or to mark a memorable event in your dance life, RAD exam and training will offer you an unparalleled learning experience. 

Our training classes break down the syllabi into small easy-to-grasp pieces. From warm up, barre, centre, partner work to character dances and cool down, every student will receive step-to-step guidance by our experienced teachers. For new exam participants, the classes provide ample time for thorough syllabi understanding, training up technique, skills, and confidence etc.

The adults-only classes will prepare students sufficiently for Grade 5 - 8 exams. Suitable for level 1 or higher level students.