Enrol May – Jun Term – Beauty and the Beast!

The prince is waiting for you in the grandest castle

Deep in the forest, away from the hustle and bustle of the village, our beautiful and kind Princess enters the grandest of castles there the beastly prince awaits her to dance under the sparkling chandelier, with the help of her enchanted servant friends the princess must melt the icy cold heart of the prince to break the spell!

Join us in our May- June term as we explore the vibrant village, gallop into the horizon on our gallant horses, make a grand feast with our magical teacup friends, and twirl on the ballroom floor with our beastly prince!

Sign up before the last red rose petal falls.

Dance with the Latest K-pop songs this New Term

For all our K-Pop fanatics, make sure to buckle up this term! We will be vibing and dancing to the new release songs of wonderful K-idol and a girl group. Let us give you some hints, these songs are 🌸和💫!  Take up some new dance challenges together with their songs!

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