Adults Can Join Easter Dance Enrichment Workshops Too!

We’re kicking off this spring with our Easter Dance Enrichment Workshops, and have organised something special just for our adult students! This newly introduced program is a chance for our students to go deeper into the study of dance, performance and theatre. 

Offering more than just our regular classes, we’re harnessing the power of dance education to motivate and inspire students through our new dance enrichment program. And the learning never stops, which is why we have workshops for everyone, including our adult students. Covering a variety of dance related subjects, our workshops are carefully created and led by our esteemed group of highly educated dance teachers. 

Mimes in Ballet & Theatre Terminology Workshop

April 2nd  11:30-1:30pm
April 3rd  2:00-4:00pm

Enrich your ballet training with our Mimes in Ballet and Theatre Terminology Workshop. At the heart of each great ballet is phenomenal storytelling, and the way dancers achieve this is through gesture and mime. Just like learning a new language, ballet mime and theatre terminology have vocabularies of their own. Fluent in these forms of body language are our dance teachers, who will guide you every step of the way!

Make your easter holiday mindblowing by equipping yourself with new knowledge that’ll complement your dance training. Be sure to enrol now to enjoy our extra early bird discounts! 


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